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Bullying in the workplace is harmful, costing Employers in lost time, productivity, and performance, as well as social costs in Employee engagement and organization resilience.

Workplace Bullying is a form of mistreatment which leads to mental injury and affects physical and psychological (Mental Health).

Bully-Free Workplaces offers education, resources and recommendations.

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Endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

“The NSGEU is commended for developing the Bully-Free Workplaces program and making it available to employers and employees throughout Nova Scotia, and other provinces.  The program is aligned with the National Standard for Canada on Psychological Workplace Health and Safety and as such, can play a role in educating employers and employees on how to improve the psychological health and safety in their workplaces.  We recommend this program to employers as part of their toolkit for improving mental health in the workplace.”



Do You Recognize Bullying in the Workplace?

Gossip is a Form of Incivility That Can Lead To Bullying


Bullying is a Form of Workplace Mistreatment Affecting Physical and Mental Health


Workplace bullying affects employee performance and damages morale. Both of those things cost employers in lost time and productivity. Find out more…

Workshops and Training

The Bully-Free Workplace Program provides a number of resources for understanding, preventing and implementing restorative practices in the workplace.


Unions have traditionally been about fairness and dignity in the workplace. However, in order to move toward more desirable practices and policies it is also necessary to recognize and  …