Recognized by Excellence Canada “… for enthusiasm, leadership, and commitment to a safe and healthy workplace through participation in Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month® 2015”

“This program is fair, unbiased and non-judgemental, which made it possible to pay attention and learn. Thank you.”  Program participant

“I tell everyone this program is the gold standard for addressing workplace bullying.”  HR representative

“Employers should be recognized for getting onboard with the union to address and educate staff on bullying. We need to create a positive, safe, bully-free workplace.”  Union member 

“When some of the employees returned to their workplace after the Bully Free Training, we noticed positive, personal changes in their behaviour. After completing the program himself, he could better understand their transformation.”  Pam C.

“I decided on a more respectful way to approach fellow employees after the Bully Free Training, and am now more aware of how my behaviours had been causing discomfort in the workplace.”  Employee participant

“After delivery of the Bully Free program, as a  facilitator I had a memorable experience when an older male worker shook my hand saying, ‘Misses, thank you, and I think these young fellas will now take heed.’  Apparently he had been bullied frequently by younger workers, and he found the content and the direction of the training very supportive.”  Janet W.