Two-hour Awareness Session

This session defines bullying and explores physical and psychological health effects of bullying on individuals, including witnesses and bystanders. It also provides an introduction of solutions for employers.

Four, Two-hour Modules

Provides an introduction to the problem of workplace bullying in module format where it is operationally challenging for an employer to commit the time for a full-day session. The module format spread over several weeks allows for time to practice skills and to implement changes to shift workplace culture.

Six-hour Interactive Workshop

Explores workplace bullying in greater depth and includes small group activities that engages participants in understanding and implementing solutions. It may be delivered in two half-day sessions.

Organizational Leadership

This component has been developed specifically for managers/supervisors, and leaders in human resources and occupational health and safety. It addresses workplace policies, investigations, re-integration, and application of the National Standard for Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Restorative Practices in the Workplaces

Provides an alternative approach to traditional ways of dealing with workplace bullying. It asks who has been harmed, why the harm occurred and how to repair the harm using principles of respect, responsibility, and reintegration. Our two-hour session is a prerequisite.